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We created this website to let you organize your porn resources and decide which content is more valuable.
Top porn websites rated by users, can be a very useful resource.

What you can do on this website

On this website you can:
  • You can enjoy existing content - top websites, reviews charts and more - it is all free.
  • You can create content. You can add new websites, reviews and more. What content is allowed?
    Porn content.
    However - you cannot add animal porn, child porn, human or animal mutilations or other profanities. (see below)
  • You can rate, review and share your favourte adult websites

What you should not do

Considering users (you) have a free hand on this website, there is also the responsibility.
  • You should not create content such as
    - child porn,
    - animal porn,
    - human or animal mutilations or other profanities or atrocties
    - other horrifying content - this website is for decent pleasure!
  • You cannot post commercials as content.
    You should not post links to commercials or products in reviews or any other part of the webiste.
    If you want to have ads on our website, please contact us.
  • You cannot post threats to other users or have an aggressive behavior or discriminate anyone in any way.
    Please have a decent and friendly behaviour
  • All texts has to be in English!
    Websites, movies or reivew with titles or description in other languages, will not be approved.
If you do not follow the rules, you account will be suspended, content deleted and if situation requires - authorities will be notified.

Website Owners

Please contact us if you own a website listed on our platform.
If someone else created a resource which belongs to you - like a website, and you want to improve it or to claim ownership over it, just let us know - we can give you access to improve it (after proper prof of ownership is made).
All reviews and ratings on our website are free to public so they will be let to user consideration.


Please contact us.
We want to hear from you - considering this is a community based website - your feedback is much appreciated.
Dont hesitate to contact us about any requests, features you might want, complaints or suggestions.


All content on this website belongs to
However the external links to which the content points - obviously does not belong to us.
User accounts and activity can be removed without warning.

We are in Beta Testing!

Website is in Beta - that means it is still in the pre-release phase - we are still testing, fixing and adding important features.
If you find anything that looks wrong, or you expect some features to look different - (they might) please do contact us.

User points!

Users earn gold badges as follows:
- 10 for adding a Movie
- 10 for adding a Website
- 5 for adding a link for a movie
- 5 for adding a Review
Have fun!