Noah P' s reviews

Website XVideos

XVideos stays one of the best

10/10 12 May 2020
I like this website, it's one of the best for a great number of reasons and I totally recommend it both for people who know exactly what they want to see, and for those who aim to explore their fantasies and find what best suits them. The wide variety of categories and tags of the existent videos will make it easy to find your perfect vid here.
• clean interface, nice design
• very little ads, no annoying popups
• fast loading videos
• milions of videos, huge variety of styles and categories, actors and fantasies
• interactive thumbnails playing short trials
• the videos are all for free
• there's a really useful and active comment section below every video
• new videos are uploaded every day with fresh material
• for longer videos, if you go to full screen it can sometimes load slower, but really that's not a major issue, I love this website.
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Website RedTube

RedTube should be in the top of the porn lists

9/10 12 May 2020
So this site has been one of the most popular before, even though by time, YouPorn, XVideos, XNXX and Pornhub got more audience. Honestly, I don't see a good reason why RedTube isn't ranking higher, the site really does the job, you know, everytime I enter it.
• smooth design, black background, elegant and classy, not very different from PornHub
• clean interface, even on mobile version, no annoying ads and popups
• playable thumbnails that show sequences of the video before clicking on it
• diversity in categories, tags and fantasies, from step brothers to lesbians and bdsm
• fresh content uploaded
• The only disadvantage I could notice was the fact that they ad their paid membership, but so does PornHub even more aggressively so I don't see why this would be such a problem. The videos they allow you to see for free are also hot, pro and HD, not only bait for the membership.
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Website XRares

XRares is perfect if you're into terror

5/10 12 May 2020
I don't see how possibly I could get a boner from watching women without members and drugged or passed out people raped, but that's the kind of content you find on XRares. If you're into these fantasies, it's one of the few sites where you'll find this content for free. Personally, I'm more terrified than intrigued by all the titles and bizarre thumbnails on the first page and it kills my mood instantly.
• Rare, out of the box fantasies and videos with hidden cams, drunk, drugged people fucking, fighting, hitting or bullying each other in public
• Videos are for free and load fast
• The site is easy to navigate, has a clean interface
• Thumbnails are playable so you get a first trail of what you're gonna see
• Suggestive titles
• Some, like me, might find this site dark and terrifying instead of exciting
• Content is more about bullying and raping than erotic fantasies
• The website is full of ads, popups and notifications
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Website UFlash

UFlash has a terrible design

5/10 12 May 2020
Shortly, one of the worst designs for porn websites I've ever seen. And the content isn't that unique, you can find it on other websites too, so it's not really worth the effort to close all popups and manually check all videos to find something you like. Given that they don't have too many various categories and fantasies available, you might even not!
• There are some hot videos out there filmed in public, cause this is somehow the theme of the website (a flash of porn in public places), which makes it good material to jerk off if you're into it.
• There is a BROWSE button up on the page, where you can find more tags and categories, a little better organized than the rest of the site.
• Plenty of gif ads, very repetitive and annoying
• Popups on every video
• The mobile version sucks, it's actually not even a mobile version, it's the same desktop version in smaller dimensions, you have to zoom the page to click the videos
• Static thumbnails, they don't give any hint on what you're gonna see
• Old-fashioned design, ineffective interface
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Website xHamster

xHamster is simply great

9/10 12 May 2020
I'm gonna keep it short here, cause there's really not much to say. The site is a pretty awesome representation of how porn vid collections should look like. xHamster is one of my first calls when I want to get off quickly.
• Millions of videos, all categories and tags, stepmom, milf, couples, Asian, public fucking, all you can want
• I like it's organized not only by categories but also by channels and pornstars, which makes it very clean and accessible for every taste
• Nice design, clean, focused on what I want to see, few ads, nothing disturbing
• HD material, live thumbnails, fast loading speed
• Really can't find, it's a fav :D
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Website TubXPorn

TubXPorn gives instant boner & best drive to happy ending

10/10 12 May 2020
You know what else I love about TubXPorn, apart from all you'll find in the pro section? THE LANDING PAGE! Don't you hate when you get on the best porn sites and rush to your fav category before losing your boner from the strange thumbnails in trending? I do. TubXPorn doesn't have that problem. No shocking shit on the first page, just fucking sexy cunts and hot porn flashes to get you into the mood right away. Perfect to get a boner before choosing something to jerk off at.
• Best landing page I've ever seen in porn business
• Great actors, HD videos, huge variety of fantasies
• Most videos tell a story, not just amateur clips
• No disturbing ads, gifs, popups, premium membership calls
• Perfect black background, smooth interface
The comment section is not very active, but rly I don't give a fuck on that.
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Website Gelbooru

Gelbooru is working at a new server, hope that has more hot material

8/10 17 May 2020
I’m going to keep this short and point out some of the things I like most about Gelbooru – because I do like this website a lot – and some I don’t.
• Epic detailed illustrations of anal fucking, deep juicy penetration and other kinky stuff
• No annoying adds to interrupt your… scrolling, just some small ones here and there
• Nice design, clean interface, perfectly organized gallery with plenty of tags
• Unmoderated comment section and Discord platform connected, which I think is a great innovation
• I would really like to see more of this content on the website, but I understand they are working at a new server so…I’m expecting the best!
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Website Nifty Stories

Nifty Stories should work more on the design, but it’s pretty great

9/10 17 May 2020
So Nifty Stories is perfect if you want to read the hottest gay stories ever. It’s exactly what stories on this website focus on. Nothing too complex, no numerous categories of step sister/brother, father/daughter or other straight fantasies, just pure, explicit, damn hot stories about gay sex.
• Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sex stories
• Thousands of titles and fantasies
• Clean interface, the site is very easy to use
• No visual content or ads to distract you
• You can publish your own stories on the website
• They accept donations and have a gratitude list mentioning the donors
• If you don’t want gay stories, it’s not for you
• Page design for read is non-existent, it’s just raw text on white background
• Classical, old design, the website was built in 1992 and hasn’t been modernized
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Website TrannyVideosXXX

Tranny Videos XXX is No.1 for LGBT I think :D

8/10 17 May 2020
TranyVideosXXX is perfect for the LGBT community – it has the kinkiest videos with lesbians, shemales, transsexuals and ladyboys.
• Hundreds of videos, plenty of channels, sites and categories presented, ranging from transsexuals and lesbians to all types of fetish, anal, amateur, POV, sex toys, ganbang and interracial.
• The website is intuitive, easy to use, with the structure specific to top porn websites
• The logo of the website has the LGBT rainbow on it
• Ads are not disturbing
• They could work more on the slideshow of the website, some thumbnails and images don’t load
• Thumbnails are static, not playable once you hover your mouse over them
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Website MuchoHentai

MuchoHentai scores 10/10 for me!

10/10 17 May 2020
It’s a winner, I wasn’t into hentai before this website, but stories are so creative and videos so explicit and hot that I actually had some of my best orgasms on this website. Never thought that anime will make me so hard, but porn is here to explore, isn’t it? Great content, awesome website, I strongly recommend it for hentai lovers!
• HD videos, great anime porn, explicit content
• Plenty of tags and categories, from uncensored and large breast to masturbation, school girls, incest, bondage and rape
• Many videos are dubbed or subtitled in English or Spanish, and the subtitles are really great, clear and smooth
• Website loads very fast, ads can be skipped in three seconds before the video starts and no popup appears in a new tab or something
• The website is clean, nothing disturbs you from watching
• Some videos are censored, but you can get rid of those if you press “uncensored” in the genre list
• You can’t play the thumbnails, they are static, but they are fucking sexy enough to offer you a glimpse of what you’re gonna watch.
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Website Hentai Stream

Hentai Stream is just another hentai website

7/10 17 May 2020
Videos from Hentai Stream can be found on multiple other websites with anime porn, the only thing making it different from those is probably the design. But it’s nice and clean, so give it a try is you’re looking for hot, new, inhibition-less series or episodes of fantasy/fetish Asian girls getting forced fucked or fingered until they squirt all over.
• Almost three thousand hentai episodes
• Thumbnails get you turned on from the first minute you get on the landing page of the website
• Most videos are subtitled in English so you can also understand the story
• Anal, Bondage, Squirt, Fantastic creatures, you’ll find all types of fetishes in those Asian vids
• The design of the website is nice, clean, with a black background
• The content is not unique, you can find it on many other websites
• There are gif-ads on both sidebars, popups appear when you click a video…ads are pretty annoying
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Website Tsumino

Tsunimo if one of the best collection porn websites I ever saw

9/10 17 May 2020
So there are plenty of websites out there with hentai porn, from illustration galleries to videos and stories, but they have similar interfaces and content, nothing too amazing. Tsunimo is different. Looks great, works great in getting your dick up and content is perfect to cum in few minutes only.
• It’s a website with collections of hentai comic books
• They also have some videos, series and episodes of hot anime porn
• Wide range of categories and tags, from raping and bondage to squirting, incest, blowjob, anal, orgies and cumshots
• The site displays no ads or popups if you click on buttons, thumbnails or anything, which is GREAT
• Can’t find, it’s great!
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Website Celeb Jihad

Celeb Jihad has best celebs to be cumshoted!

8/10 17 May 2020
This is one of the most popular websites with celebrities’ nudes, images made in photoshop or real, and some great scenes of nudity flashed in old movies you might or might not have seen a long time ago.
• Plenty of images and videos of naked celebrities
• There’s an alphabetic list of celebrities you can find cloth-less to jerk off
• Ads won’t get in your way
• Some fakes are so obviously photoshoped that they can be a turn off if you are looking for authenticity
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Website MrDeepFakes

MrDeepFakes is so much better than other fake websites

7/10 17 May 2020
Mostly because it says that it’s fake so you don’t build up too many expectations. But the videos are actually worked well, perfect to satisfy your fantasy to see your fav actors banged or fucked as in your best dreams!
• The website looks great, the design is similar to PornHub or YouPorn, nice background, clean interface, playable thumbnails and little ads
• Videos are in HD, great to watch the little details
• There are also categories, you can see your fav celebs in plenty of scenarios, from Anal and BDSM to cartoons, facial and creampie!
• They’re fake, but it’s what defines the website :D Their logo features one that looks like a president from somewhere… :)))
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Website RARBG

RARBG is ok – not the best, but does its job!

8/10 17 May 2020
It’s a torrent website, so I won’t talk about the quality or type of the videos here, but about the experience I got as a user:
• Plenty of various torrents from any genre, even cartoons, but they also have enough adult videos and series
• Files can be found both in large and small resolutions, so dimensions can fit both a PC or a phone
• They even have trailers for several films available, which is great before spending your time and internet connection to download something
• Anyone can download, it’s not mandatory to log into an account
• They have popups on almost every click
• Downloading can take a while, especially for videos that are not so popular
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Website PornBay

Pornbay is amazing once you get an account

6/10 17 May 2020
It was easy before to register on Pornbay, you just had to introduce some basic data. At the present moment, anyway, there are several requirements and conditions to get an account and it’s actually difficult to access the website. This is a main reason why Pornbay isn’t the most popular, but also a great way for it to keep the quality of its torrents and community.
• You can find all types of porn vids, even those rare ones that you can’t find anywhere else
• It is easy to use, friendly interface
• Friendly community
• Getting an account is difficult
• Old videos have little to no seeders so downloading can be very slow
• If there is any problem with your account, it takes forever for the staff to answer, they aren’t very prompt – I’m telling you from my experience!
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Website TubePornClassic

TubePornClassic is different…in a good way!

7/10 17 May 2020
TubePornClassic is exactly defined by its title: it’s a porn website with classic videos. Movies seem old, even those in HD, but in a good way, they are cinematographic. For those who don’t want to see people fucking only, but also a nice buildup or at least a story behind, this is a great turn-on.
• Very modern, clean, elegant and intuitive design of the website
• Content is perfectly organized in categories
• Videos load extremely fast
• Thumbnails are playable
• Rare ads and popups, nothing too annoying
• Videos keep their old-ish aspect, so they are not very HD; though what you have to see is visible enough!
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Website 8Muses

8Muses is HUGE

8/10 17 May 2020
From all that I know, 8Muses seems to have one of the hugest collections of comics I’ve ever found on the internet!
• All types of comics: giant dicks, shemales, hentai&anime, cartoons, innocent girls, 3D illustrations, they have literally everything
• Excepting the landing page, there are no annoying ads on the sidebar, on top or anything, just clean interface, black background, focus on the masturbation material
• Little of them are censored, most comics are explicit and well-done, you can clearly see big boobs, hard cocks with veins and glowing tips, and fluids all over
• It’s not very dynamic, just static images, not suitable for those used to gifs, moving thumbnails or videos
• Amongst the thumbnails of the comics you can click, there are also some clickable ads that trick you and then popup, but you can close them easily, nothing too bad.
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Website MultPorn

MultPorn has a great interface

9/10 17 May 2020
The design of MultPorn and its functionality makes it one of the best when it comes to porn comics. Looks great, has so many categories and tags and hot positions and fantasies…I’m sure you’ll find something to jerk off if you’re into this kind of hentai/manga/comics stuff.
• Clean, user-friendly interface, no annoying ads
• Turn-on thumbnails, big boobs, spread cunts, tied up domninated sex slaves, all that
• Plenty of categories of anime porn, comics, sex games, pictures, flashes, even hentai videos etc.
• Ads are really hot, they show illustrations of two girls sucking one dick hungrily, or open mouths waiting for warm liquids to fill them
• Every thumbnail has a number of views and an overall score below so you know what the community thinks about it
• I couldn’t really find something wrong with MultPorn
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Website BestPornComix

BestPornComix offers complete freedom of choice

5/10 17 May 2020
It’s not just comics on BestPornComix, it’s also very good 3D illustrations. For me, it’s a turn off, but I guess for some it will be a big plus that they also have some unique comics with animals, something you don’t find on every other comics website or adult sites in general.
• Extremely various content, from the usual big dicks, huge boobs, restrained chicks, interracial and fantasies in comic books, to 3D illustrated stories of people fucking pigs and other animals, aliens or other fantastic creatures
• Content is organized in tags, categories, everything is accessible to the users
• Thumbnails and covers of the books are creative and really authentic
• Ads. They have all kind of these: popups, side ads, clickable ads… ANNOYING
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Website SVSComics

SVSComics is great, but you have to download everything to see it

6/10 17 May 2020
Inquisition porn, BDSM, drunk sex, horny wives, magic creatures, there are both fantastic and authentic porn comics on SVSComics. But they are not available online, you have to download them.
• There is info displayed below every cover/thumbnail/gallery of comics/illustrations: number of pages, number of downloads, tags
• Content downloads quickly
• Usually at least four links are provided so you’ll most probably get what you’re looking for
• It’s easy to use, content is organized in several categories the same as on PornHub
• There’s no option for you to watch/read the comics online, you have to download them
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Website Gifs is fun

6/10 18 May 2020
If you ask me, is not enough to cum. But it might be just me and my joy of hearing girls moan when getting pumped well, not only watching few seconds of her partially taking of her underwear. But it’s ok for teasing or even to get new ideas in bed with your partner :D
• All kinds of erotic gifs, tags, categories…from big boobs, group sex and anal to cumshots, lesbians, incest, cartoons etc.
• Some are gifs, some are static illustrations or images
• Great, explicit closeup blowjobs that can make tutorials out there lol
• Gifs are mostly HD, pages are loading very fast
• A lot of ads opening popups, and you’re easily tricked to click them because they are gif ads placed amongst the gifs and you are tempted to think they’re not actually ads.
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Website KittyKats

KittyKats is not something I’d ever use

4/10 18 May 2020
I hate it when old stuff doesn’t progress as things and technology does, don’t you? Things have modernized, why the heck would I prefer to watch porn or search for images on a forum, when there are plenty of accessible, user-friendly galleries, porn sites and all out there, ready to make me cum without having to click on every fucking post in order to see some image? There are no thumbnails or anything on KittyKats, I’m not even sure what I’m clicking on, something hot or not. I really don’t like this website.
• Some pics/videos can be downloaded
• The fact that it’s a forum where people post porn business makes the community be quite very active
• Registering to see all the available content for the website is completely free and easy
• No ads to disturb you
• It’s not a porn website, it’s a fucking forum where people post what they find hot
• There are no thumbnails before clicking on a topic/post, so you never know if you’re going to find something hot and satisfying or not
• Posts are usually short, if you were to jerk off you’d have to open around 15-20 tabs to get enough material for 5 minutes of activity
• The design of the website is also not the best: it’s not even a modernized forum, it’s classical. Clean interface, yet too simple and old aspect.
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Website FreeChatNow

FreeChatNow can be satisfying

7/10 18 May 2020
FreeChatNow doesn’t look very nice, but works pretty well. Here’s my thoughts on it:
• Variety: they have rooms for chat only, live sex, lesbians, gay, forums…
• Clean, simple interface, intuitive and easy to use
• Messages type very fast
• The community is active, they have around 2 million views every month
• Chatting is free
• Videos look blurred or in slow motion in live sex rooms
• You can only see proper action in live sex if you pay
• Design is simple, superficial, could’ve done better
• Ads on every click, they popup, they are annoying
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Website TS Escorts

TS Escorts is not something I recommend

3/10 18 May 2020
This is a website that redirects you towards sites with escorts according to your location. Useless, in my opinion – searching for premium escorts on google can give you better results. And you can’t actually verify if what they advertise is real or fake so… Honestly, I don’t recommend it!
• I like the logo, it looks good.
• They redirect you to both female and male escorts.
• They don’t even have escorts or websites recommended for every area/country etc., only for few.
• The design of the website is not very intuitive or user friendly, it’s just superficial.
• They have more ads than actual content wtf :))
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Fotonovelasxxx is only good if you know Spanish

8/10 18 May 2020
I’ve scrolled a lot on Fotonovelasxxx, explored their comic books…I really couldn’t find any comic book translated into English. All text boxes are in Spanish and you can’t even watch hot ass cheeks or fucking images unless you have a registered account, so it’s completely useless, both visuals and texts.
• The website looks good actually, it’s a nice combination of black and red, just like escort websites
• Comic books are organized in categories and presented in galleries, with suggestive covers
• You can’t read the whole comic book unless you have a registered account
• Everything is in Spanish, you won’t find anything translated into English apart from the categories and book titles
• LOTS OF ADS, they pop up in new tabs at every click, plus more ads on the right sidebar
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Website VcaXxx

VcaXxx is hot as fuck, go for it!

9/10 18 May 2020
Authentic, cinematic sex scenes, with vintage filters, scenarios or fantasies, with unusual decors and good-looking porn stars like those from old movies… VcaXxx is damn good at making you release those cumshots!
• They have over 8K classic porn videos, of women sticking bananas, dildos and other sex toys in their vaginas, with pussies spread open while sucking big cocks, with old-time orgies and vintage porn stars
• Videos load very fast
• No ads, which is awesome
• Videos are HD, HQ and can be downloaded
• The website has a nice design, even though it’s vintage, because it allows you to change the theme of the background from white to dark grey from the lights on/off button
• You have to pay for the membership, otherwise there’s no way to get access to any of those videos, not even sequences. But it’s a cheap membership and, trust me, it’s worth it :D
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Website Beeg

Beeg is creepy but climax-guaranteed and sexy AF

8/10 18 May 2020
It’s creepy because you don’t see the usual porn site interface that you see on Pornhub, XVideos, nHentai or XNXX. No, on Beeg it’s like a sex gifs porn website, but it’s not with gifs but with vids!
• Thumbnails are playable, showing you sequences of the video
• Videos are HD and load in seconds only
• They don’t have any ads, anywhere, just pure porn with no disturbance
• Categories and tags have the widest possible range, you can find almost anything, there
• You can search for your favorite porn stars in the list of People or using the search button
• You can even add videos to your own playlist to watch later, during another session of jerkoff
• A lot of videos have hot descriptions provided
• Most videos are subtitled in English so you can clearly get the scenario
• Doesn’t really look like a porn website at a first view, but more like a photo collection with static images; that’s until you put your cursor on any of the videos and they start to play.
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Website Milfzr

Milfzr has great milf porn

7/10 18 May 2020
Yeah, they do have a milf category on many other porn websites, but Milfzr is actually specialized in this. You’ll find videos of milfs sucking cocks, of milf escorts, incest with milfs or older men…This website has no moral and is a perfect place for those who love milf porn to wet their cocks in seconds and climax rapidly.
• Plenty of milf porn categories, lots of hot videos with moms, step sisters, sex slaves, family sex and other taboo sex
• They even have a special section dedicated to mom/son porn only
• Videos load very fast
• Videos can be watched online or downloaded in various formats
• Videos are tagged below and also contain some additional information as porn stars’ names and studios
• The design of the website is pretty classical and old, not very much like a modern porn website
• There are way too many ads: popups, ads opening in new tabs, sidebar ads, ads on click/video play etc.
• Thumbnails are static, not playable. Buuuut, they contain more images from the video, not just one, so you can make an idea!
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