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Website VEPorns

VEPorns is great porn, I wish they fixed their problem and made it ALWAYS work!

7/10 12 Sep 2020
VEPorns has got millions of hot HD porn videos and a fucking great website design that allows you to focus on the main job. Fuck me, I think it’s one of the best porn websites at this moment, with those big tags so you can see what’s in trending and what people are mostly searching for, to see what’s appeared new and hot out there and what can best arouse you every day. Great organization of great content, hot cunts exposed in the thumbnails and firm ass cheeks to harden you up. Categories are very useful when searching for certain videos, and you’ll see how much you’ll love that ads don’t mess up with you too bad; there’s only one big ad in the header of the page and…quite clean otherwise. The only bad part is that the website might not work whenever you want, cause their link is often not working and letting you down…
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Website 4Tube

4Tube is hot from the first sight of the site and it’s become my favorite in few days <3

10/10 12 Sep 2020
4Tube has porn for both men and women, sooo fucking hot from the first glimpse on their homepage. Dynamic thumbnails and diversified content from the first sight: you’ll see a whore sucking on a big dick, some lesbians playing around with some toys, a couple fucking hard and romantic and some solo moments to arouse you badly. I had to spend the last two weeks at home cause they were the last of my vacation, but 4Tube has definitely kept me busy and active :D They’ve got pretty much everything you can search for, from incest porn to bdsm, roleplay, fetish, ass fuck… I’m in love with their ads system, cause you can skip them right away so it’s the least disturbing from all I’ve seen. My fav porn site so far, try it!
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Website 3Movs

3Movs has simple design, millions of porn clips and superhot pornstars fucking in front of your eyes

8/10 12 Sep 2020
3Movs has full HD porn videos, sometimes even from premium websites, everything for FREE! Superhot babes getting toyed, fingered, banged, dominated, ass fucked, forced, in great scenes with blowjobs, threesomes, couple fucking and more. I love that most of them are 10 minutes at least, offering enough time to build up sexual energy and eventually release it fully satisfied. I’ve spent a lot of my free nights to find the best porn website and dig into it at need, and while 3Movs is not necessarily the best, it is certainly a go-to. Clean interface, few ads, dynamic thumbnails that offer suggestive clues of the videos and some of the most popular porn content from the internet. If you feel like exploring new and hot videos, this website is surely going to be arousing and probably satisfying enough so you can cum once you find the right vid.
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Website sexxxar – general porn, Arabic language website, hot videos of Arabic babes fucking

6/10 12 Sep 2020
Visit, for general and hardcore porn in Arabic language with good automatic English translation. Babes with big breasts, Arabic women undressing, exposing their bodies and getting fucked or banged. I like their content in general. Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll have a very bad experience with, when the website redirects you to and it’s hard to understand something on the website. The good part, you can preview the movie action by watching thumbnails. I recommend it especially if you wanna watch something random and have fun.
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Website PornHD – Big tits | Creampie | MIlf | Russian | Hardcore | Put it on your fav list, you’ll LOVE it!

9/10 12 Sep 2020
Watch free hd porn on, you’ll find great big tits, hot creampie videos, milf fucking, Russian babes getting spanked and hardcore porn to finish your business. has a clean interface, a very easy to use website where you’ll find your favorite category in seconds. For me, it was a very good experience with the prime membership… for only $8 a month you can watch every genre without ads or other crazy shit. The site is fully responsive and loads fast on my tablet, that is a plus… big thumbsup for!
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Website Twisted Porn has shocking porn videos for dirty people

7/10 15 Sep 2020 makes available porn videos with dirty sex, hardcore fucking and shocking content that you don’t see on mainstream porn sites. will surely pump adrenaline in your body after you see public porn, fucking in traffic, supermarket and so on – at list this is how it worked for me. Clips are light-speed loading and some of them are very dirty so that you will need to forget them lol or enjoy more! is easy to understand and navigate! The bad part is they kind of force you to buy the premium version by showing your interesting thumbnails.
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Website FemeFun – You will either love or hate this site from the first sight with incest porn

8/10 15 Sep 2020 has incest and zoo porn, all in one place. The site instantly loads on my laptop and nothing will interfere between you and the video you want to play. What I mean by that is that there are no annoying ads. They have lots of lesbian stuff, taboo and zoo porn. Browse a little, like I did, and you’ll also find some straight videos too if those are for you! I’m curious about what you think of Where does the name come from, does anyone know?
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Website BDSMstreak has damn hot BDSM, forced orgasm, pussy torture

9/10 15 Sep 2020 is for people who enjoy hardcore sex, bdsm or even soft bondage and discipline videos with roleplays and fantasies! Pussy torture videos are pretty hot and they made my imagination run wild after I saw a forced orgasm video. Gangbang videos - be careful, those are extreme too and sometimes get pretty violent! The good part about bdsmstreak is that the content is downloadable and the interface of the website is user-friendly, so easy to navigate. If you recently watched fifty shades of grey or 365 dni and wanna explore more the fantasy, at a whole new level, is for you!
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Website Spanking Tube – The name says everything: spanking videos, red asses, sexy babes slapped

8/10 15 Sep 2020
Wanna see spoiled girls treated like they deserve? Visit and see their asses red from spanking and touching.
If you like domination stuff, trust me, this site is for you. It has lots of adult videos, with humiliation, domination, daddy porn etc. Plus, looks great from the perspective of design, and it is quickly loading the vids. On the blog section, they share pics and jokes and the community also is very active. Quite great, if you ask me!
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Website eFukt - porn can be funny too, this is a lesson I got on this website!

7/10 15 Sep 2020
Efuckt has got funny porn videos, with bizarre porn and funny sex positions or situations. Yes, porn videos can be funny too and enter the comedy genre. I wasn’t too attracted by this type of humor, wasting my boner and imagination isn’t exactly my ideal way of spending time with porn. But on they collect funny, fail or bizarre porn from the internet: amateurs, or badly acted porn products; they share them with the community, which is quite active and spices everything up. I know this site from a long time ago, a video was viral about a small man trying to fuck a very tall women, I laughed quite hard! Lol, do you know It’s definitely more for fun than for business, but works when you’ve got too much free time and you’re getting bored of the same standup videos :D
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Website MyGaySites

MyGaySites is a gold mine for those looking for gay porn and hot sex with lesbians

10/10 17 Sep 2020
MyGaySites is like a map of the best websites with gay sex, gay anal fucking, sexy lesbians, gay live cams and others. They have tops of these websites and they also have their websites sorted perfectly into categories, so you can easily find Asian gay websites, black gay websites and so many more. One of the best, if you ask me, it’s like a normal porn search engine, but exclusively designed for gay categories…a gold mine for those who cum to guys fucking in their asses, creampie or gay blowjobs. No ads, no bullshit, just a useful list of the right links to get you to cum quick and guaranteed.
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Website CamWhoresBay

CamWhoresBay has hot amateur porn from girls posting their naked bodies or teens filming how they fuck

8/10 17 Sep 2020
CamWhoresBay is where you’ll find the sluttiest and horniest community of hot babes, milfs and teens, all posting how they get fucked, fingered, banged or masturbating at the webcam. The vibe of the website is pretty authentic, even though videos are HD. Cameras are positioned so that it’s clear everything is filmed with a webcam. Amateurs spread their legs for the cam from several positions, for a perfect view and a guaranteed orgasm. I think this one is amongst the sexiest amateur porn websites I ever found. I recommend it, I never entered it without getting a boner and a happy ending. ;)
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Website is like a better Pornhub: hot videos, diverse categories, hardcore sex and everything you want

9/10 17 Sep 2020
WatchMyGF sounds like you’ll find girlfriends and sluts getting cumshot on their faces, filmed from top while giving head, or from behind while taking it doggy style, or getting fucked by another guy…and while you CAN find this type of videos here, WatchMyGF is so much more than girlfriends getting fucked and posted on the internet as amateur porn. In fact, the website has a pretty impressive collection of porn videos – just like Pornhub, if you ask me, but better because videos are in HD, free, they don’t force you to take any premium membership and – can you believe it?! – you are not that annoyed by stupid ads and popups!!! This website is crazy hot, I found so great domination fantasies with masters anal fucking their slaves and tied girls getting banged or whipped in a sexy scenario. Great website design and functionality, it’s never been dead since I know it, and I hope it will get more appreciated with time. Visit WatchMyGF, you’ll love it if you want quality porn!
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Website HomeMoviesTube

HomeMoviesTube has some CRAZY hot masturbation videos, but the website is sooo old, pls do something!!

5/10 17 Sep 2020
HomeMoviesTube has a huge potential to make you cum, some videos are 100% cum. It’s full of original amateur videos, many of them can’t be found on other websites, with all types of girls and women and teens and milfs, sucking cock, rubbing it until they get cumshot all over their stomach, showing their horny cunts to the camera after edging for an entire week…I mean, the community is so active and so hot. But the design of the website SUCKS! A boring blue in the header, hospital white background, rly bad thumbnails and horrible popups that change places with the website and you end up closing the website instead of the popup so you have to enter again and wait to see what trick ads will do next time…It’s annoying and it’s a waste of content, if I never clicked and watched some videos I would’ve said there’s nothing attractive…it has a great potential, pls do something if anyone can. With a little work, HomeMoviesTube would be a great amateur porn website: free homemade porn, all I wanna see!
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Website CamWhores

CamWhores has the greatest ad I’ve ever seen on a porn website haha, I’ll tell you more about it!

7/10 17 Sep 2020
CamWhores has a nice collection of homemade porn videos and babes masturbating or fucking in front of the webcam, to post some fresh amateur porn on the website. The good part? Many of these hot videos are for free. The bad part? Many of them are private. To get to see a private video, you need to sign up for the website and message the uploader. Now there are some annoying scammers, so watch out. I messaged an uploader to see the video, she rejected, I asked what she needs from me to accept my request. I was expecting her to ask for proof that I’m not a robot, or smth like not reposting her video anywhere else, but nope, I was asked for money sent through paypal. It wasn’t much, $15, but then I thought what if there’s a stupid video that’s no even for my taste? Watch out for these stupid games, I’d better recommend you watch those free videos cause they’re hot as fuck too!
Now about that ad I was talking about…at first I didn’t know wtf is moving in the right corner of my desktop. Idk if it’s funny or creepy or hot, but it’s original. One by one there will appear hot babes wearing different sexy lingerie, showing their asses or breasts and spicing up everything around, moving and looking SO REALISTIC you’ll actually think they get out of the screen haha, nice 3D effect. And it’s a free bonus because it’s an ad actually lol :D
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