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Website PornKTube

PornKTube is one that works for sure, ALWAYS fresh & hot porn

9/10 13 Sep 2020
PornKTube has millions of arousing videos with sensual masturbation porn, milf fucking, amazing blowjobs, bachelorette parties and couples making love like crazy, from the most popular porn websites such as Brazzers and Digital Playground. This is the website where I saw my first porn, a woman getting banged, a man doing things with his tongue on her body…it was a great tutorial for me at that time. Now I watch it for fun when I’m alone, to check what’s new and enjoy some hot bodies and young babes getting fucked. The site works great, fast loading speed, preview thumbnails and constantly updated content; not to mention very few ads that never disturb too bad like on other websites. Try PornKTube next time you wanna watch high-quality porn without wasting your time and your boner.
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Website PornTube

PornTube has annoying ads but it’s all forgiven with those superhot long videos!

8/10 13 Sep 2020
PornTube has the best long porn videos of lesbians with big tits and white ass chicks, double penetration videos or hardcore teen fucking - if you’re into those clips that keep you busy, focused and horny for around one hour! I don’t think I’ve seen any video on their website less than 5mins long, but you’ll find thousands of vidz longer than 10mins and some hundreds of videos around 1h! If you’ve got some free time alone and the mood for porn stuff, PornTube is a go-to, you’ll love it! HQ and HD porn, all types of babes and categories, any possible scenario and fetish. Make sure you don’t allow the notifications the first time you enter the website, otherwise the ads will get really annoying and you’ll receive notifications even after you close the website. Apart from that, you’ll get rid of popups pretty quickly and enjoy long porn vidz for free!
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Website Eporner

Eporner has the most exciting thumbnails and damn hot HD porn videos updated all the time!

9/10 13 Sep 2020
Eporner has an impressive list of hot porn with naughty teens and hot women getting laid at the beach, banged, fucked by black lovers, getting double penetrated or facefucked and tons of other hot scenarios with nurses, secretaries, parties, hookers and more. I love they are well organized into relevant categories, with suggestive tags and titles, and the thumbnails allow you to preview the hottest scenes of a video so you know if it’s for you. It’s the only website where I can watch porn with my gf, cause she likes it too, especially those POV vidz that carry her away and spices up our night. Gross popups or ads aren’t a problem with this website, cause there’s nearly no ad getting into the way. Eporner’s got my strong recommendation, and my gf’s too!
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Website YesPornPlease

YesPornPlease is crazy good, with free HD porn, deep fucking and awesome roleplays

10/10 13 Sep 2020
YesPornPlease has the best roleplay porn videos I’ve found on the internet. Maledoms, spanking, couple fucking, bondage, secretaries, adultery, couple fucking sensually, every single scenario is arousing and damn hot. I think they are making a selection for each video, ‘cause I couldn’t find one single bad one! Every porn has great actors, hot babes in stockings or high heels, nice places, original fantasies, HD scenes and hot actions. If you like high quality porn, definitely give YesPornPlease a try: it’s like a premium account for porn videos, but you get it for free!
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Website YouJizz

YouJizz has a nice rating system for all videos and some hot amateur porn scenes

6/10 13 Sep 2020
YouJizz is the right place is you’re into amateur porn, petite babes fucking and cum drops dripping from teen mouths. Incest vidz, dominating wife, public fucking and naked teens are literally the first things you see when you enter YouJizz. They aren’t all in HD and actors are also often unknown, which make all the “amateur” stuff more authentic. I’m not loving the website because it’s not creating that arousing atmosphere, I can’t find those scenes that make the click for me. But if you’re into raw porn material, this is a top website, almost all clips have around 30mins length. What’s unique about it is their rating system, which you can’t find on every other porn website. Every video is rated from one to five stars, letting you know what other thought of it… quite like a modern forum, isn’t it? :D
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Website marsillpost

Marsillpost - great for the countries where it works, you’ll find some perfect escorts to entertain you

7/10 13 Sep 2020
Marsillpost is an escort website where you’ll find hot babes with their age, phone numbers and price list for services such as video call, company, sex meetings; you’ll even find some single desperate divorced women ready to fuck for free! It doesn’t work in USA anymore, but the good part is that most of the escorts are offering online services, so you’ll get satisfied enough with one call, free or for a fee. I recommend Puja, she’s a talented desi girl, you can find her on the first page and she offers great live phone calls for small fees, lasting from 30 to 100 minutes. She’s a great one – but don’t keep her too busy, leave a place for me too! She’s also available for video calls I think, but I haven’t tried that yet. Maybe you’ll tell me ;)
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Website GotPorn

GotPorn – quite a lot of thumbnails previewing dicks deepfucking pink cunts on the first page: very promising website!

8/10 13 Sep 2020
GotPorn has got porn!!! Yeah, the website is bombarding you with very kinky thumbnails previewing young pussies or tight asses penetrated by long cocks in deep fucking vidz, gangbangs, erotic massage or masturbation sessions. Each video is 5mins or longer and ads aren’t overwhelming you from every click, which is great! I recently discovered this website and didn’t get the chance to explore it properly, but it’s really promising and I think I’m gonna spend a while to get to know it better. It’s a great one so far, worth my time and my…energy you know.
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Website CumLouder

CumLouder is a free website with great porn and original design

7/10 13 Sep 2020
CumLoader has thousands of videos with fresh popular porn, sexy-ass girls, fetish, role-play, hard sex, pretty much everything you can find on any porn tube. I like that it brings a little with, with those tags above the videos, with videos playing and looking similarly, which makes it easy to navigate and quite familiar to explore; yet it’s original having new content and with its colors, logo and homepage, which is practically the category page where you can choose exactly what you prefer for more relevant results…pretty great, isn’t it? Thumbnails aren’t playable but they’re some nice works of art, suggestive and well designed, not random. CumLouder is good for the job when you want to watch some quality porn without too many ads.
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Website JavDoe

JavDoe has hundreds of Asian porn videos that you can enjoy if you like Japanese fucking

4/10 13 Sep 2020
JavDoe has so many Asian porn clips that you’ll hardly choose which one to enjoy first. Japanese fucking, playing with toys, banging a single woman or exposing and humiliating a teen publicly, they have them all! The website has a nice design and promises a great experience; unfortunately there are some big minuses that have to be repaired, otherwise JavDoe is completely useless.
Firstly, they say most of the videos are uncensored, but they’re actually not. Almost every video I saw on the website was censored, even actors’ faces were sometimes covered. Then, a major problem is that videos aren’t playing on certain devices. On my laptop, the entire tab was blocked for a minute or two after closing the ads, and then the video wasn’t playable anymore… and the same story applied for every video I clicked. It works better from my phone, but the ads are making it annoying there. With a little more work, anyway, JavDoe can be a great base for censored but damn hot Asian porn.
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Website KissJAV (ShyAV)

KissJAV is the ideal Asian porn website: perfect videos, perfect site!

9/10 13 Sep 2020
KissJAV is like a normal free porn tube, but with Asian porn. Greatly arousing videos of Japanese girls getting abused or fucked, of group sex and awesome cock sucking. I love the design of the website, I think it’s exactly the same theme as the one on Pornhub, or at least one very similar. KissJAV is my first call for Asian porn, most videos are uncensored and the content is really hot, you won’t find it on every other website. I love it cause many of the vidz are leaked and you get them for free on KissJAV!
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Website FreeHDx

FreeHDx used to be my favorite one with Indian porn and desi girlfriends getting regulated

5/10 17 Sep 2020
FreeHDx had some hot videos of Indian girls getting fingered after fucking and other sexy clips with desi couples making love or babes with arousing breasts and big nipples; fast loading speed, downloadable content, really a great Indian porn website. But it’s down, unfortunately, it has been dead for a while now, and I’m not sure they’re getting back any soon so... I guess I’ll have to search for a new one. Any recommendation?
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Website Humoron

Humoron – they claim to have some adult humor, but their bizarre sex videos are actually pretty hot

8/10 17 Sep 2020
Humoron posts hardcore porn videos of hard fucking with extra-long dicks, bizarre or shocking porn of fisting till the elbow and other creepy scenarios. I remember I once saw a Jap girl asking for semen from her followers, she was a porn idol or smth like that; and she got around 100 bottles filled with sperm…this is the kind of “humor” you’ll find on Humoron. If it’s spicing up your imagination, go for it! I also found some hot creampie compilations and closeup pussies dripping with cum, so you can easily switch to something more arousing once you’ve had enough of creepy and bizarre porn. Give it a try when you have some free time, I recommend it to open-minded ppl.

Oh, and yeah, their design is quite funny, it's like a Halloween theme but made for porn wtf :D
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Website Inhumanity

Inhumanity – funny my ass, this is shocking porn, cruel domination, hardcore fucking, everything BUT funny!

6/10 17 Sep 2020
Inhumanity has very diverse clips, starting with amateur porn to hardcore fucking, asshole domination and gagging. Overall, you can call it everything BUT funny! Yeah, they might add some hilarious descriptions or titles, for some kinda creepy humor, but I still wouldn’t call it funny porn. If anything, it can be hot anyway. Most of the latest videos are couples or friends, fucking hard, forcing horse-big cocks in tight asses, doing anal domination roleplays and things like that. I like that videos are clear and some are even in HD, despite the fact that they’re made by amateurs. Not bad, I must say. Hot hookers, nice solo moments from Tinder, public fucking…It’s a nice video to see what’s new on the porn internet :D
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Website 9Gag2

9Gag2 – I don’t even know why this is on the list, it’s a pretty good site but where’s the fucking porn?!

3/10 17 Sep 2020
I like 9Gag2, it has funny posts, shocking news, always fresh content; the community is extremely active, they post everything that’s new and unfair, cute, beautiful, rare…they have dark humor sections, science & tech, sport…lots of these, it’s like a Facebook page, lol, but with a younger, more active community and more controversy content. But honestly, where’s the porn?! I get on this site to see the news, but when I’m horny this is a complete waste of time. Unless news will make you cum…search for a normal porn website haha:))
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Website ShooshTime

ShooshTime is hot, credible, shocking and funny…great to spend free time with some amateur porn!

7/10 17 Sep 2020
ShooshTime has hundreds of porn videos where you can watch girls walking nude on the beach and showing around their intimate parts, babes fucking or giving head in public. It’s just like an Instagram of porn, scroll down and you’ll see more and more interesting vidz. All videos are free to watch, it’s raw amateur fucking, hidden cam or first time in a gangbang…and they have videos from all popular porn websites. If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that you won’t get bored on ShooshTime. Plus, it has a clean interface and fast loading speed, which are some nice pluses. I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% to cum website but good porn for fun, anyway!
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