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8Muses Reviews

8Muses is HUGE #
Noah P 145 17 May 2020
From all that I know, 8Muses seems to have one of the hugest collections of comics I’ve ever found on the internet!
• All types of comics: giant dicks, shemales, hentai&anime, cartoons, innocent girls, 3D illustrations, they have literally everything
• Excepting the landing page, there are no annoying ads on the sidebar, on top or anything, just clean interface, black background, focus on the masturbation material
• Little of them are censored, most comics are explicit and well-done, you can clearly see big boobs, hard cocks with veins and glowing tips, and fluids all over
• It’s not very dynamic, just static images, not suitable for those used to gifs, moving thumbnails or videos
• Amongst the thumbnails of the comics you can click, there are also some clickable ads that trick you and then popup, but you can close them easily, nothing too bad.
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Full Moon report
8Muses…for what?! # 8Muses83
8 / 10
435 17 May 2020
Honestly, I have no idea what 8Muses refers to, but I don’t actually care much. For me, it’s enough I can find some unique anime comics, along with other bizarre staff that I started to enjoy pretty much as teasers to rush some adrenaline through my veins before watching a video and using the energy I gathered to fantasize while rubbing it. I recommend it to you because it’s got plenty of different categories and fetishes approached by thousands of comics so you’ll certainly find something for you too!
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8 / 10
120 17 May 2020
On, you will find lots of erotic comics from all kind of producers, as well as the popular ones such as Jab Comics, MCComics and, my favorite, MilfToon. The best part, you don’t need to pay for everything. If you are poor, like me, you will like that, lol. I like the content, but I don’t think I will ever pay for erotic comics. Let’s focus on The site is kinda hard to navigate, but after some time, you will get used to it. Some nasty popups when clicking, but in general I love the site.
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