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Avgle Reviews

Avgle - censor bars collection, not a porn site #
Steph I 435 09 May 2020
What the heck is the purpose of porn if most promising videos are censored? Now I know this is sometimes the magic of Japanese vids, but literally the best ones have censor bars - now how am I supposed to satisfy my visual needs without seeing those wet cunts getting a good pump?
There are too many ads for my taste (popups, sidebar ads, ads on videos) and there is one more major problem: the site is poorly translated into English. Most characters are Asian so... can't really know what I'm choosing, can I? Yeah, they have a category section but it doesn't have a great diversity. And when I finally click on a hot thumbnail, the excessive censor bars cuts it off. I guess it's good for teasing with thumbnails, though.
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Full Moon report is not very good if you don’t know Chinese or Japanese # Avgle34
7 / 10
100 09 May 2020
As I said in the title, this porn site is not ideal if you are an English speaker. The video descriptions and titles are in Chinese or Japanese, I’m not sure. But at least the clips are loading fast and are very HD quality. If you are not into censored porn, anyway, I don’t think you will like these videos that much.
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