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CamWhores Reviews

CamWhores has the greatest ad I’ve ever seen on a porn website haha, I’ll tell you more about it! #
Vicky H 75 17 Sep 2020
CamWhores has a nice collection of homemade porn videos and babes masturbating or fucking in front of the webcam, to post some fresh amateur porn on the website. The good part? Many of these hot videos are for free. The bad part? Many of them are private. To get to see a private video, you need to sign up for the website and message the uploader. Now there are some annoying scammers, so watch out. I messaged an uploader to see the video, she rejected, I asked what she needs from me to accept my request. I was expecting her to ask for proof that I’m not a robot, or smth like not reposting her video anywhere else, but nope, I was asked for money sent through paypal. It wasn’t much, $15, but then I thought what if there’s a stupid video that’s no even for my taste? Watch out for these stupid games, I’d better recommend you watch those free videos cause they’re hot as fuck too!
Now about that ad I was talking about…at first I didn’t know wtf is moving in the right corner of my desktop. Idk if it’s funny or creepy or hot, but it’s original. One by one there will appear hot babes wearing different sexy lingerie, showing their asses or breasts and spicing up everything around, moving and looking SO REALISTIC you’ll actually think they get out of the screen haha, nice 3D effect. And it’s a free bonus because it’s an ad actually lol :D
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