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DirtyShip Reviews

DirtyShip is so and so #
Georgie W 740 22 Jun 2020
DirtyShip it is a nice little website with amateur or leaked content from various models.
Launched in 2019, it is pretty and simple.
It has almost no features, you cant log in or upload videos but you can comment and rate videos.
It has a few categories like Newest, Most Viewed, Rating, and Discussed which are more sorting options.
Be warned that all the top links do not point to - they are commercials - you will land on some other websites - which is not cool - those should have been marked as commercials.
Also when you try to watch a film, sometime an ad will open but it is not a huge deal.

All in all, is surprisingly good considering how simple it is. It has good content and almost no features - so you can say it is very much focused on delivering :)
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