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eFukt Reviews - porn can be funny too, this is a lesson I got on this website! #
Vicky H 75 15 Sep 2020
Efuckt has got funny porn videos, with bizarre porn and funny sex positions or situations. Yes, porn videos can be funny too and enter the comedy genre. I wasn’t too attracted by this type of humor, wasting my boner and imagination isn’t exactly my ideal way of spending time with porn. But on they collect funny, fail or bizarre porn from the internet: amateurs, or badly acted porn products; they share them with the community, which is quite active and spices everything up. I know this site from a long time ago, a video was viral about a small man trying to fuck a very tall women, I laughed quite hard! Lol, do you know It’s definitely more for fun than for business, but works when you’ve got too much free time and you’re getting bored of the same standup videos :D
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