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FSIBlog Reviews

FSIBlog is Clean, Realistic and Reliable #
Steph I 435 09 May 2020
• Clean, because it doesn't have popups or excessive ads to get you out of the mood, the content is well organized. I don't necessarily get the idea of blog design, if I'm actually looking for porn material to jerk off, but it's ok.
• Realistic because it's full of amateur, homemade porn, nothing too professional, which makes me actually believe in every scenario.
• And reliable because it always adds up new content so I can't get bored scrolling among the same old vids.
In case you don't know already, FSIBlog stands for Free Sexy Indians Blog, and it has several materials arranged into "blog posts". Some are videos, some are galleries, others just stories. I really like those kinky descriptions, they are actually great to get you into the mood of each video and give you a brief so you know if it's what you're looking for. Overall, I actually like this site.
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Full Moon report - if you like Indian porn, this site is for you! # FSIBlog36
9 / 10
100 09 May 2020
Two months ago, I visited India. And now I have a new fantasy: to fuck an Indian women. Until then, I fap on this site. Very fast to navigate, ads are not interrupting and you can find lots of sexy Indian women with skin colors from black to white, pretty hot. I recommend!
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