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Fuq Reviews

Fuq doesn’t look or sound great, but there’s some hot xxx videos and good porn categories out there #
Herald A 100 18 Sep 2020
Fuq is a huge collection of the most popular porn categories, with homemade porn, cum inside videos, pov collections and damn hot compilations of blowjobs and squirting babes. I personally hate their logo and the website interface, it looks old, stupid and not arousing at all; porn categories are pretty mainstream as well, but the good thing is that videos are quite long, hot, and they are millions from where you can choose.
I think the big advantage with this website is the search button and that filter below it. You can search and find your fav porn easily because their search engine works amazingly, and the filter allows you to choose if you wanna see straight, gay or trans porn so you don’t waste your time with irrelevant results. But I’m still annoyed by that stupid logo, is it just me or it’s offensive to every visitor? :)) That’s the reason why I can’t enjoy porn here and prefer other aggregators.
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