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Humoron Reviews

Humoron – they claim to have some adult humor, but their bizarre sex videos are actually pretty hot #
Amber R 75 17 Sep 2020
Humoron posts hardcore porn videos of hard fucking with extra-long dicks, bizarre or shocking porn of fisting till the elbow and other creepy scenarios. I remember I once saw a Jap girl asking for semen from her followers, she was a porn idol or smth like that; and she got around 100 bottles filled with sperm…this is the kind of “humor” you’ll find on Humoron. If it’s spicing up your imagination, go for it! I also found some hot creampie compilations and closeup pussies dripping with cum, so you can easily switch to something more arousing once you’ve had enough of creepy and bizarre porn. Give it a try when you have some free time, I recommend it to open-minded ppl.

Oh, and yeah, their design is quite funny, it's like a Halloween theme but made for porn wtf :D
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