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JavDoe Reviews

JavDoe has hundreds of Asian porn videos that you can enjoy if you like Japanese fucking #
Amber R 75 13 Sep 2020
JavDoe has so many Asian porn clips that you’ll hardly choose which one to enjoy first. Japanese fucking, playing with toys, banging a single woman or exposing and humiliating a teen publicly, they have them all! The website has a nice design and promises a great experience; unfortunately there are some big minuses that have to be repaired, otherwise JavDoe is completely useless.
Firstly, they say most of the videos are uncensored, but they’re actually not. Almost every video I saw on the website was censored, even actors’ faces were sometimes covered. Then, a major problem is that videos aren’t playing on certain devices. On my laptop, the entire tab was blocked for a minute or two after closing the ads, and then the video wasn’t playable anymore… and the same story applied for every video I clicked. It works better from my phone, but the ads are making it annoying there. With a little more work, anyway, JavDoe can be a great base for censored but damn hot Asian porn.
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