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JavFinder Reviews

JavFinder is such an annoying Asian porn site! #
Steph I 435 31 Aug 2020
JavFinder promises hot Asian/Japanese videos of wet cunts and hot fucking sessions, long blowjobs and best erotic massages. The website looks elegant and pretty ok at a first sight, but it actually sucks In reality, I wasn’t even sure you CAN watch a video on their website. I waited for like 10 minutes before the video I chose actually played. Ads opening in new tabs, ads all over the video, ads in the right sidebar, on the left sidebar, ads popping up from the left bottom of the page… Annoyed me so bad! When the video finally loaded and I was able to watch, the video wasn’t even what I was looking for, cause guess what! Titles are highly irrelevant and thumbnails are static collages of tiny images, so you can’t get a good idea of what you’re gonna watch. I’ve seen so much better Asian porn sites, don’t waste your time with JAVFinder!
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