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KittyKats Reviews – don’t worry, this site is not about cats! #
Calipso V 120 17 May 2020 is a board forum with a nice community with porn freaks like me lol. You will find there porn in various categories. Oh, and the best part about the forum is the pictures, really hot and rare stuff. The bad thing is if you want to download something, they will redirect you to a site with file uploads where you will need a premium account for a fucking human download speed.
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Full Moon report
KittyKats is some kind of mystery box :))) # KittyKats98
5 / 10
435 18 May 2020
Really, every time I click on a post on KittyKats it’s like opening a kinder surprise, I never know what I’ll see. Yeah, they do have titles, but no thumbnails or trials or anything, so you can’t really know if it’s something that’ll make your cock glow or something you just wish you’d never seen :D But I like that the community is active, there are thousands of comments and threads, so I decided to register for free just for fun. Lucky me, I started talking to some people there and a girl actually started to send me the pics I requested, they were pretty hot…Until I noticed she was redheaded in one and blonde in others lol…Fake Allert!! It was nice until it lasted anyway :)))
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KittyKats is not something I’d ever use # KittyKats106
4 / 10
145 18 May 2020
I hate it when old stuff doesn’t progress as things and technology does, don’t you? Things have modernized, why the heck would I prefer to watch porn or search for images on a forum, when there are plenty of accessible, user-friendly galleries, porn sites and all out there, ready to make me cum without having to click on every fucking post in order to see some image? There are no thumbnails or anything on KittyKats, I’m not even sure what I’m clicking on, something hot or not. I really don’t like this website.
• Some pics/videos can be downloaded
• The fact that it’s a forum where people post porn business makes the community be quite very active
• Registering to see all the available content for the website is completely free and easy
• No ads to disturb you
• It’s not a porn website, it’s a fucking forum where people post what they find hot
• There are no thumbnails before clicking on a topic/post, so you never know if you’re going to find something hot and satisfying or not
• Posts are usually short, if you were to jerk off you’d have to open around 15-20 tabs to get enough material for 5 minutes of activity
• The design of the website is also not the best: it’s not even a modernized forum, it’s classical. Clean interface, yet too simple and old aspect.
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