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Milfzr Reviews

Milfzr is not among my recommendations… and not bc I don’t like milfs #
Steph I 435 18 May 2020
Before you even click on anything, an ad pops up. When you close it, another tab opens with another ad. Annoying from the first moment. And that happens on every page, even before watching the video. I don’t mean to get you bored but…then the video has its own set of ads, enjoy closing like 10 tabs before watching porn :D Which, btw, isn’t even in HD all the time. Now another problem, all the effort of skipping ads is not always rewarded. Thumbnails aren’t playable, so you can’t check if the video will make you cum or not, until you play it. I had the bad luck to try three videos and not like any. Milfzr is not something I like.
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Full Moon report
Milfzr has great milf porn # Milfzr112
7 / 10
145 18 May 2020
Yeah, they do have a milf category on many other porn websites, but Milfzr is actually specialized in this. You’ll find videos of milfs sucking cocks, of milf escorts, incest with milfs or older men…This website has no moral and is a perfect place for those who love milf porn to wet their cocks in seconds and climax rapidly.
• Plenty of milf porn categories, lots of hot videos with moms, step sisters, sex slaves, family sex and other taboo sex
• They even have a special section dedicated to mom/son porn only
• Videos load very fast
• Videos can be watched online or downloaded in various formats
• Videos are tagged below and also contain some additional information as porn stars’ names and studios
• The design of the website is pretty classical and old, not very much like a modern porn website
• There are way too many ads: popups, ads opening in new tabs, sidebar ads, ads on click/video play etc.
• Thumbnails are static, not playable. Buuuut, they contain more images from the video, not just one, so you can make an idea!
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8 / 10
120 18 May 2020
They focus more on taboo fantasies with family members. I watched some clips on that I never saw on main porn sites. So if you wanna find rare stuff, go here. On the right, you will see popular tags with all sorts of categories for your nasty habits. Another good part is that you can download the content on your computer/phone.
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