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MuchoHentai Reviews – Hentai porn and series #
John N 100 12 May 2020
Can you believe they have some Hentai series dubbed in English? Really cool. This site,, is similar to, but unfortunately it has more annoying ads. Yet, they also have more Hentai series and some porn that have subtitles in both English and Spanish, so it quite compensates. Tons of gender lists and fun stuff to watch. Don’t forget to visit the Release calendar from the menu if you want to stay informed.
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Full Moon report
MuchoHentai scores 10/10 for me! # MuchoHentai60
10 / 10
145 17 May 2020
It’s a winner, I wasn’t into hentai before this website, but stories are so creative and videos so explicit and hot that I actually had some of my best orgasms on this website. Never thought that anime will make me so hard, but porn is here to explore, isn’t it? Great content, awesome website, I strongly recommend it for hentai lovers!
• HD videos, great anime porn, explicit content
• Plenty of tags and categories, from uncensored and large breast to masturbation, school girls, incest, bondage and rape
• Many videos are dubbed or subtitled in English or Spanish, and the subtitles are really great, clear and smooth
• Website loads very fast, ads can be skipped in three seconds before the video starts and no popup appears in a new tab or something
• The website is clean, nothing disturbs you from watching
• Some videos are censored, but you can get rid of those if you press “uncensored” in the genre list
• You can’t play the thumbnails, they are static, but they are fucking sexy enough to offer you a glimpse of what you’re gonna watch.
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MuchoHentai is a website I LOVE # MuchoHentai75
9 / 10
435 17 May 2020
I’m always ready for some hentai porn, Asian chicks are so hot, so tight, they moan so sharp and always make me rock-hard. MuchoHentai is perfect when I’m in the mood to jerk off watching some moist cunts getting fingered and felt out with specific Asian methods. Some videos are censored, that’s annoying, but there’s an “uncensored” tag that you can press to avoid those. Plus the povs presented really remain extremely hot and categories range amongst plenty of genres. There are even entire series, split into episodes, to watch great explicit animes. There’s no way I won’t cum whenever I enter this website.
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