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MultPorn Reviews

MultPorn has a great interface #
Noah P 145 17 May 2020
The design of MultPorn and its functionality makes it one of the best when it comes to porn comics. Looks great, has so many categories and tags and hot positions and fantasies…I’m sure you’ll find something to jerk off if you’re into this kind of hentai/manga/comics stuff.
• Clean, user-friendly interface, no annoying ads
• Turn-on thumbnails, big boobs, spread cunts, tied up domninated sex slaves, all that
• Plenty of categories of anime porn, comics, sex games, pictures, flashes, even hentai videos etc.
• Ads are really hot, they show illustrations of two girls sucking one dick hungrily, or open mouths waiting for warm liquids to fill them
• Every thumbnail has a number of views and an overall score below so you know what the community thinks about it
• I couldn’t really find something wrong with MultPorn
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Full Moon report
MultPorn looks nice # MultPorn84
6 / 10
435 17 May 2020
The banner on MultPorn presents an orgy with naked chicks of all ages, colors and hairstyles, in comics style of course. Looks nice, I always let my gaze rest for a little on that girl sucking a lollipop. And then there’s a huge collection of comics, manga, hentai pics and even cartoon gifs to enjoy. I was excited at the beginning, there are some pretty promising spread legs there and innocent faces. But then I saw they are based more on what they’re showing than on how they’re doing it. What I mean by this is that the artists aren’t doing their best, there could have been more work on the details of those cunts, on the facial expressions before a cumshot, and more creativity than just changing Jasmine’s face from Disney’s Aladdin or the Simpsons family faces. Overall, the site looks good, but the material simply doesn’t offer enough. Never had what I needed to cum all over. I still prefer other hentai and comics websites, sorry MultPorn :D
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9 / 10
120 17 May 2020
When I enter, I take all the baits lol, I click on everything! Unfortunately, I don’t have very much time to read, so I choose only few. I found here tons of comics, books, movies for every cartoon porn lover and manga to make my cock diamond. Have you ever imaged how heroes from DC Universe or Cartoon Network look naked? Here’s a special section, with parodies from movies and real cartoons, but lol, don’t enter if you are that type of guy who doesn’t want his childhood memories to be destroyed.
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