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nHentai Reviews

nHentai all the way! #
pink panther 900 18 Apr 2020
Dragons, witches, aliens, demons, cartoons, mothers...
I mean they do have a dirty mind but in a good way! :)
If youre into the fantasies and cartoons manga like, nHentai is the place for you.
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NHentai is one of the best manga websites - if not THE BEST! # nHentai9
8 / 10
785 25 Apr 2020
NHentai is a very strong manga website
- it has lots of FREE manga comics
- has a minimalistic design
- multiple languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)
- not too many commercials
- be aware - it has no vids - only still images

I strongly recommend nHentai if you value traditional quality manga content.
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nHentai is the king of porn manga / anime comics! # nHentai15
8 / 10
80 30 Apr 2020
Launched sometime in 2014, nHentai is one of the best, if not the best manga / anime porn websites.
On - "Top 100 websites by traffic", nHentai is ranked around 11th place with an average of 73 million / month page views!
That is no small thing for a website with no videos!
You heard me well - they only have images there - no videos!

Layout is very nice with not too many commercials.
The categories could be a bit weird for non Japaneses people - they have terms like shotacon, doujinshi, lolicon etc so if you are trying to navigate better, try the Artist, Characters, or Parodies sections.
Some content is also censored - the hard penises dont usually show - but is not a definitive rule.
However they have a huge amount of content (more than 200,000 porn comics) and most of it is very high quality. Also the website has a strong following cult like community.

The anime usually consists of a series of images following a story - and the action - usually sexual action but you can also find non sexual action stories.

So is nHentai good for you?
It has some negatives like
- some content is censored,
- the text accompanying the action can be written in Japanese so you might not understand what is going on
- there are only images

If you are ok with those negatives, here are the good parts - the content is usually very high quality almost artistic like and there are a huge number of stories.

Should you bother? Totally give it a half an hour see what is like. You might like it and come back.
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nHentai has best bizarre fetish cartoons # nHentai18
6 / 10
435 09 May 2020
It's not the best place to get things "moving", you know, if you need to see things literally happen in front of your eyes. nHentai is actually a huge collection of 165,000 galleries updated daily. So yeah, it looks good, it has a clean and well-organized design and the content is free. And yes, they've got fresh illustrations every day, satisfying some of the most exquisite tastes for porn with expressive cartoons. Fantastic creatures and characters, strange cartoons and comics. But no videos and no gifs makes it difficult to enjoy the actual idea of this erotic world. Plus, those way too many censor bars are very annoying and ruin the "magic".
1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? | - you will find here good quality graphic stories # nHentai28
8 / 10
100 09 May 2020
If you are into Hentai stuff, like me, prepare to be aroused. On you will find good quality graphic stories that will drive you around the fastest way to cum. Stories are emotional, shocking and, of course, fucking hot. I’m also not having problems with the site experience, after you close the ads they are not popping up again.
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