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Nifty Stories Reviews has stories that make your cock hard #
John N 100 12 May 2020 is great, here's where you can find erotic stories about almost any topic you can imagine. It's easy to navigate and the page displaying the story is clean, with no ads interruptions. Authors can post series of favorite stories and they also have a donation section. I highly recommend this website for anyone who is into this kind of stuff.
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Full Moon report
Nifty Stories should work more on the design, but it’s pretty great # Nifty Stories58
9 / 10
145 17 May 2020
So Nifty Stories is perfect if you want to read the hottest gay stories ever. It’s exactly what stories on this website focus on. Nothing too complex, no numerous categories of step sister/brother, father/daughter or other straight fantasies, just pure, explicit, damn hot stories about gay sex.
• Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sex stories
• Thousands of titles and fantasies
• Clean interface, the site is very easy to use
• No visual content or ads to distract you
• You can publish your own stories on the website
• They accept donations and have a gratitude list mentioning the donors
• If you don’t want gay stories, it’s not for you
• Page design for read is non-existent, it’s just raw text on white background
• Classical, old design, the website was built in 1992 and hasn’t been modernized
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Nifty Stories is not for me # Nifty Stories73
4 / 10
435 17 May 2020
Nifty Stories is a sex stories website. I’m not much into erotic stories but decided to give it a try though, for fun. Now I’m straight, and of course I was looking for something quite kinky to turn me on, but straight. But all I could find on Nifty Stories was gay material. Maybe I didn’t have the patience to search enough, I was looking for action and watched some videos, but I still don’t think this website is for me. It’s a huge collection of gay stories. No images, no gifs, nothing visual. If you like it, go for it, the interface is clean and easy to use. Personally, I find this useless.
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