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PopJAV Reviews

PopJAV is awesome porn website if you know Japanese #
Steph I 435 31 Aug 2020
PopJAV’s got plenty of Asian teens fucked from behind, in doggy style, or with their cunts spread wide open, showing their juicy flesh and moaning in that specific sharp Asian tone. I love that you can choose to watch censored or uncensored videos, not having all of them mixed and pressing on something hot only to see it’s hiding the best fucking scenes. Amazing website, not too many ads, quite great. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t guess the title or subject of a video if you’re not speaking Japanese – they’re all written with specific letters. Yes, it’s got an English version, but it only translates the top menu, not the titles of the videos. Otherwise, it’s an amazing Asian porn site.
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