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Sankaku Channel Reviews

Sankaku Channel is a crazy good hentai resource #
pink panther 900 24 Aug 2020
Sankaku Channel is all about crazy hentai images.
It is very popular in Japan and Asia (but also US) so it has the tentacles and all the crazy shit but it has its own positive vibe.
The design of the website is a bit strange but they do have a beta version coming up soon so things might be improving.
The content is pretty much completely free - you only need an account if you want to comment, but other than that, you can just download pretty much everything.

On the not so great side, they do have a lot of ads and sometimes you get redirected to other websites without warning.

But overall - crazy good hentai resource
8 out of 10
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Full Moon report
Sankaku Channel – lots of adds, but overall good hentai porn # Sankaku Channel165
9 / 10
435 07 Sep 2020
Sankaku Channel’s got some hot illustrations of sweaty bodies fucking, monster and tentacle masturbation or anime girls naked and ashamed. Intimate parts exposed, big asses closely inspected, everything is super arousing for hentai lovers like me. Ads are quite annoying because they are literally EVERYWHERE, but at least they don’t open in new tabs so you can close them quickly and focus back on the hot stuff. I love how they combine drawings with text boxes, translated into English – always turns on my imagination and not only :)
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