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Report website: Gifs Reviews – An easy to remember site name lol #
Calipso V 120 17 May 2020
I use only to download erotic gifs and expand my collection for the time I am away from home and the internet connection is bad. They have hot gifs with lots of cum, whores in different positions and everything needed to ignite the desire. If you don’t like the gifs, no problem. Go to the menu and click on Video, I am sure you will find something hot to jerk off. Big thumbs up for!
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Full Moon report is the only website where I love the ads lol # Gifs97
10 / 10
435 18 May 2020
Yep, I’m not joking. Never have I seen an ad on that made me say “oh, shit, how can I close this quicker?”. From the first moment you enter the landing page, there are several ads, but honestly it’s actually hard to distinguish them from the gifs, they have the same dimension, theme and HD quality:)) Some show dicks entering tight cunts from a perfect angle, others show pretty toned asses, idk for me they are just as hot as the actual gifs collection on the website. As for the material on… what can I say other than great? Always guaranteed to get my dick up. Perfect blowjob sequences, lots of categories of gifs with hot, wet girls… I always find anything on this website. It’s just like a complex premium porn collection of videos, but with gifs. I recommend it, especially for those like me who always want to see something new to keep the adrenaline rushing and not getting bored of the same porn stars or scenario.
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145 18 May 2020
If you ask me, is not enough to cum. But it might be just me and my joy of hearing girls moan when getting pumped well, not only watching few seconds of her partially taking of her underwear. But it’s ok for teasing or even to get new ideas in bed with your partner :D
• All kinds of erotic gifs, tags, categories…from big boobs, group sex and anal to cumshots, lesbians, incest, cartoons etc.
• Some are gifs, some are static illustrations or images
• Great, explicit closeup blowjobs that can make tutorials out there lol
• Gifs are mostly HD, pages are loading very fast
• A lot of ads opening popups, and you’re easily tricked to click them because they are gif ads placed amongst the gifs and you are tempted to think they’re not actually ads.
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