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TS Escorts Reviews - Waste of time if you want to find a real pussy #
Calipso V 120 17 May 2020
They pretend to be an international site with escorts, but in fact, the website is really boring. Plus, it’s hard to find a girl from a location around you. After searching for half an hour, I lost my interest. Everything is vague and I am not sure if any girl out there is real, or it’s just random photos of chicks from the internet. Maybe it was just my bad experience with… what about you guys?
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Full Moon report
TS Escorts – does this even work?! # TS Escorts100
2 / 10
435 18 May 2020
At first sight, I saw only three clickable buttons on TS Escorts: female escorts, male escorts and live tranny cams. Female escorts didn’t work for me, they couldn’t find any in my city. Male escorts just redirects you to another website, but I didn’t check it too much cause, you know…I’m straight :D and Live tranny cams doesn’t even load, it’s an empty page. WTF?! The most non-functional website I’ve ever entered. Maybe it works better if you register, but I honestly didn’t want to waste my time.
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TS Escorts is not something I recommend # TS Escorts108
3 / 10
145 18 May 2020
This is a website that redirects you towards sites with escorts according to your location. Useless, in my opinion – searching for premium escorts on google can give you better results. And you can’t actually verify if what they advertise is real or fake so… Honestly, I don’t recommend it!
• I like the logo, it looks good.
• They redirect you to both female and male escorts.
• They don’t even have escorts or websites recommended for every area/country etc., only for few.
• The design of the website is not very intuitive or user friendly, it’s just superficial.
• They have more ads than actual content wtf :))
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