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Tsumino Reviews

Tsunimo if one of the best collection porn websites I ever saw #
Noah P 145 17 May 2020
So there are plenty of websites out there with hentai porn, from illustration galleries to videos and stories, but they have similar interfaces and content, nothing too amazing. Tsunimo is different. Looks great, works great in getting your dick up and content is perfect to cum in few minutes only.
• It’s a website with collections of hentai comic books
• They also have some videos, series and episodes of hot anime porn
• Wide range of categories and tags, from raping and bondage to squirting, incest, blowjob, anal, orgies and cumshots
• The site displays no ads or popups if you click on buttons, thumbnails or anything, which is GREAT
• Can’t find, it’s great!
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Full Moon report
Tsunimo has best comics for adults # Tsumino77
8 / 10
435 17 May 2020
If you loved comics, as I did in my teenage, and if you’re also into hentai, a perfect combination of those is Tsunimo. It’s a huge collection of comic books with dirty Asian stories. Great pics, some censored, hot text boxes in English, it’s just like a perfect website where you can read books online, clicking on buttons for next/previous pages, but with content for horny adults who want to masturbate at some creative fucking povs.
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