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UFlash Reviews

UFlash - yeah, real flashes of porn instead of smooth watching #
Steph I 435 12 May 2020
Hot vids with squirting whores and public nude flashes, some really nice fantasies out there, such a pity I can't watch them!! Too many ads, too many popups and not even to mention the mobile version. It's a shame, the videos and the idea of the site do have a lot of potential to raise the temperature and get you into some dirty stuff, but the technical part and the design of the website need a lot more work before getting close to a functional fucking porn website! So yep, my conclusion, the site is more to flash thumbnails and tease you visually than actually show you porn to enjoy :D
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UFlash has a terrible design # UFlash44
5 / 10
145 12 May 2020
Shortly, one of the worst designs for porn websites I've ever seen. And the content isn't that unique, you can find it on other websites too, so it's not really worth the effort to close all popups and manually check all videos to find something you like. Given that they don't have too many various categories and fantasies available, you might even not!
• There are some hot videos out there filmed in public, cause this is somehow the theme of the website (a flash of porn in public places), which makes it good material to jerk off if you're into it.
• There is a BROWSE button up on the page, where you can find more tags and categories, a little better organized than the rest of the site.
• Plenty of gif ads, very repetitive and annoying
• Popups on every video
• The mobile version sucks, it's actually not even a mobile version, it's the same desktop version in smaller dimensions, you have to zoom the page to click the videos
• Static thumbnails, they don't give any hint on what you're gonna see
• Old-fashioned design, ineffective interface
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6 / 10
100 12 May 2020
I visited 3 weeks ago and I remember it was quite hard to navigate. Video thumbnails were hot and juicy but when I tried to play the video, a set of instructions appeared. I lost my interest, trying to understand what to do, to allow the ads to run and so on. Tonight I will try this site again, maybe I will manage to play a video. Who knows….
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