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XRares Reviews

XRares - I'm for it! #
Steph I 435 12 May 2020
Yeah, yeah, I know it's controversy, the videos out there on XRares. But it's reminding me of what DarkWeb was before :D And I actually really like it. It has a smooth design, some pretty daring titles and some really hot amateur vids filmed with high couples fucking publicly - nasty and I like it. If you navigate a little bit among the adrenaline rushing bizarre titles, you will actually find some very dirty and boner-giving chicks and couples to help you release...well, you know the story :D
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Full Moon report
XRares is perfect if you're into terror # XRares43
5 / 10
145 12 May 2020
I don't see how possibly I could get a boner from watching women without members and drugged or passed out people raped, but that's the kind of content you find on XRares. If you're into these fantasies, it's one of the few sites where you'll find this content for free. Personally, I'm more terrified than intrigued by all the titles and bizarre thumbnails on the first page and it kills my mood instantly.
• Rare, out of the box fantasies and videos with hidden cams, drunk, drugged people fucking, fighting, hitting or bullying each other in public
• Videos are for free and load fast
• The site is easy to navigate, has a clean interface
• Thumbnails are playable so you get a first trail of what you're gonna see
• Suggestive titles
• Some, like me, might find this site dark and terrifying instead of exciting
• Content is more about bullying and raping than erotic fantasies
• The website is full of ads, popups and notifications
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5 / 10
100 12 May 2020
Yep, on you will find some freaky shit. They have some popups and some kind of membership, I'm not sure. I left the site after I clicked on some videos with an expression on my face like wtf?! It's like the underground of porn, with banned videos, hidden camera and stuff like that.
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