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XVideos Reviews

XVideos has over 9 million videos - WOW #
Steph I 435 09 May 2020
The main aspect I like about XVideos is variety. This site has all sorts of categories, for all tastes: pro videos, amateurs, all ages and sexual orientations, roleplay, fantasies, there is literally nothing missing. And each category is very accessible - there are several clickable tags right below the page header. Plus, there is a big, visible search button to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
It's one of the top porn websites for a reason: there are over 9 million videos, all available for free. And one of the best things about this site is that it's so easy to use. Clean interface for both desktop and mobile, focused on the business if you know what I'm saying, the videos are listed clearly and the advertisements are definitely not as annoying as they are on other websites. There are some on the right sidebar and one before the video starts, but it can be skipped quickly and nothing else pops up to block your device and ruin your solo time.
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XVideos is good for you! # XVideos14
7 / 10
80 26 Apr 2020
XVideos - is one of the oldest and most recognizable adult websites in the world.
They even claim to be no 1.
XVideos is the brother (or sister) of the similarly famous website XNXX.
Is it good? Hell yea!
The design is simple and intuitive - it is not glamorous - it is designed to deliver, if you know what I mean.
Tons of porn, categories, nice vids... you can get lost in here and come out on Christmas next year.
Not my 100% favorite but still a very very good one.
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10 / 10
100 09 May 2020
I like this site because it has tons of porn, not just old videos, but all kinds of them. has a clean interface and it is not bombarding me with ads, so I can focus on the important things, he he. Another thing I like about this website is that when you put your mouse cursor on a video thumbnail, it starts to show some sequences so I can see if I like it or not.
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XVideos stays one of the best # XVideos41
10 / 10
145 12 May 2020
I like this website, it's one of the best for a great number of reasons and I totally recommend it both for people who know exactly what they want to see, and for those who aim to explore their fantasies and find what best suits them. The wide variety of categories and tags of the existent videos will make it easy to find your perfect vid here.
• clean interface, nice design
• very little ads, no annoying popups
• fast loading videos
• milions of videos, huge variety of styles and categories, actors and fantasies
• interactive thumbnails playing short trials
• the videos are all for free
• there's a really useful and active comment section below every video
• new videos are uploaded every day with fresh material
• for longer videos, if you go to full screen it can sometimes load slower, but really that's not a major issue, I love this website.
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