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YouJizz Reviews

YouJizz has a nice rating system for all videos and some hot amateur porn scenes #
Amber R 75 13 Sep 2020
YouJizz is the right place is you’re into amateur porn, petite babes fucking and cum drops dripping from teen mouths. Incest vidz, dominating wife, public fucking and naked teens are literally the first things you see when you enter YouJizz. They aren’t all in HD and actors are also often unknown, which make all the “amateur” stuff more authentic. I’m not loving the website because it’s not creating that arousing atmosphere, I can’t find those scenes that make the click for me. But if you’re into raw porn material, this is a top website, almost all clips have around 30mins length. What’s unique about it is their rating system, which you can’t find on every other porn website. Every video is rated from one to five stars, letting you know what other thought of it… quite like a modern forum, isn’t it? :D
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