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YouPorn Reviews - press that x button, this site is the worst #
John N 100 09 May 2020
They are begging too much for the premium membership. If you click on a video, 2-3 popups will appear along with lots of static ads. The good thing on is that you can find lots of sexy milfs and incest videos. Anyway, what is the thing with that pinkish color? Is this a site for girls?
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YouPorn for you only if you're a girl # YouPorn22
7 / 10
435 09 May 2020
It's pink, it has a heart in the logo and way too many romantic vids. Saw there are some hot chicks there, redheads and lesbians, decided to give it a try. Maybe they're as dirty as hot, I thought. Neah. Soft, vanilla sex mostly. I mean, it looks good, the interface is clean and damn easy to use, categories are perfectly organized and accessible, little to no ads, HD videos with great loading time...everything is promising. But when I'm searching for a fucking rough blowjob to get the business going, well, feather kisses and never-ending cuddling couples isn't what I want to see.
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